Visit to Hartwig's lab at UC Berkeley

January 15, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

For one week, Jan'14 6th-10th, I visited the lab of Prof. J. F. Hartwig at UC Berkeley (US). This short stay was funded with a Seed Grant awarded by the Peder Sather Center for Advanced Study. This visit was mainly used to follow the project entitled A Computational Approach to the Rational Design of Hydroamination Catalysts, which is being developed by the PhD student Alexandra Strom. Allie did a PhD exchange in Oslo for a period of 3 months (Aug-Oct'13). This stay was used for training her in the use and application of Computational Chemistry. In my visit to Berkeley, I gave a seminar on the work recently published in ChemComm and I met several PhD students and postdocs working in the same lab, who were interested in using theory to make further progress in their research projects.


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