Visit to the Chemistry Department at Yale University

October 29, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Following my active collaborations with the groups of Profs. Robert Crabtree and Nilay Hazari, I visited the Chemistry Department at Yale University (US) on October 20-24. This joint theoretical-experimental work focuses on polynuclear iridium hydride clusters and the mechanism of the Suzuki-Miyaura reaction, respectively. In addition to meeting faculty and giving a Department lecture, I used this visit to encourage PhD students to visit the CTCC at Oslo for being trained in the fundamentals and applications of Computational Chemistry. With this aim, in the summer of 2012, the CTCC was visited by a PhD student from Hazari's lab, Damian Hruszkewycz (currently postdoc with Shanon Stahl at the University of Wisconsin). The work of Damian has already been published in the Journal of the American Chemical Society and in Organometallics.  


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